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Microwave PLL Controller

An application to demonstrate how to control the transmission capabilities of a remote television repeater using a host program. Many features available to your specification and requirements including memory storage and recall, dual microwave bands, continuous coarse and fine tuning plus signal strength metering.

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Apple Mac Programming

Applications created for Apple Mac computers using data driven techniques, native Cocoa(X) programming and state of the art methodologies. Fully responsive applications for home, industrial, scientific and commercial use.

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Prototyping System

An expandable prototyping development system almost ready to use and complete with a smart unit box. Offers fast prototyping turn round times and cuts time to market significantly. All rebranding carried out with full documentation created.

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iPad and iPhone Applications

All types of applications developed for iPad and iPhone devices using Wi-Fi and server based databases where required. Using Filemaker Pro keep your workforce in touch wherever they are and for any purpose they need! The perfect way to complement your electronic development with an all in one development house!

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REAB-IS, Innovative and Smart Solutions for firmware and host applications

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Apple Mac, iPad & iPhone

Using applications such as Filemaker Pro and Objective-C - Cocoa(x), we can create almost any high quality application that you may need on an Apple Mac, iPad or iPhone! We specialise in all types of Industrial Instrumentation and Processes, Digital Automation and Full Systems Integration.

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PC Programming

Using applications such as Delphi XE2, Omnis Studio, Iron Speed Designer we can create any application that you may need on a PC in the highest quality. These applications may be stand alone or browser based making them fully cross platform compatible. We can create almost any specialised application that you may need for your company.

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Embedded Programming

Embedded programming in 'C' language using mikroelektronika development systems. Specialising in Microchip PIC and dsPIC devices utilising many years of experience in the industry.

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Android Apps

If you have your own eBook we can convert it to be an Android App or completely write an application for you to your specifications. Games or scientific apps are our speciality for Smart Phones or Tablets. HTML5 support, push notifications and social sharing are all included! Distribute them through to a massive audience!

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A PICAXE chip is a standard Microchip PIC microcontroller that has been pre-programmed with the PICAXE bootstrap firmware code. The bootstrap code enables the PICAXE microcontroller to be re-programmed ‘in position’ directly via […]

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Android Apps For Smartphones and Tablets

Android Apps
If you have your own eBook we can convert it to be an Android App or we can completely write an application for you. Games or scientific apps are our speciality for […]

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A small demonstration of the power of these development systems!

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