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EasyPIC v7 development system
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This enables us to offer extremely fast development and turnaround times which ultimately benefits you the customer

EasyPIC™ v7 is the seventh generation of our famous PIC development board. It is the product of accumulated knowledge over the past 10 years, and it’s state of the art of design, functionality and quality. It is loved by beginners and hobbyists, as well as professionals, and used in education and development by thousands. Board comes with PIC18F45K22 device.





A professional approach:

A highly professional approach from your initial enquiry through to the full implementation of your application. The database is designed for you, to fit in with with you do now not to create more problems by being inflexible. Full consultation is made every step of the way with your feedback being all important.

Design: From your initial enquiry through to the full implementation of your application you will be on a firm professional footing where you can talk to the people doing the programming. Your views and feelings are of utmost importance to us as you are ultimately the people using the system.

Implementation: Multi user or single user we can help with the installation in any way that is required. We can hire operators to input difficult text which cannot be electronically manipulated and imported. We will be there on the first day of use to ensure that any problems that do occur are dealt with promptly. In short you are not left alone, we ensure that your business continues to run smoothly.

Training: Multi user or single user, we can provide the training necessary on both the hardware and of course our software for all or for key members of staff. We can help with back up strategies and database management with on going training when required. Normally held on your own site where you feel most comfortable.

Support: As you would expect full support is available to you with both telephone and site visits if required. During the first 3 months this is free of charge and can be provided on a maintenance contract thereafter on an annual basis.

Maintenance: As time progresses changes become necessary and problems are identified that require attention. This presents no problem as upgrades are offered periodically if it is part of an “off the shelf” package or “on demand” if it is a bespoke solution.

Either way support and back up is always available to you.

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